F-15 Eagle: Flight of the Defender is a flight simulation with a dogfight mindset. There is only one reason for a Colonel to be up in the pilot seat, and that is defense.
The year is 2021 and the day has come where aliens have invaded earth. It is only a matter of time before the entire human race is eliminated. The alien race, the Zemdars, have sent a fleet of ships to gather humans for probing and research. Along their path of research through the earthly cities, they will destroy anything in their path. Is there anything anyone can do?
The United States Military has sent out their best. Some have failed and others have been captured. It is your turn to take the pilots seat and send the Zemdars back to where they came from. Your mission is to destroy the alien fleet at all costs and gather human life forms being picked up along the way.
The humans will be imbedded in the Blue Orb Life Chambers (BOC’s) and are awaiting your arrival. Flying through or around the chambers you will be able to pick them up and drop them in safe locations via flying low to the ground.
The Zemdars fleet is a massive one with multiple weapons consisting of flying ships and stable units. The flying ships are known as Seeker Bats, Wolfbacks, Sentinels and Interceptors while the stables units are known as the Suns and the Satellien. The Seeker Bats usually grab the BOC’s and take them back to the Satellien’s so destroy the Satellien to save more humans then go after the Sun’s.
Remember, you are weapons free at all times when engaging the Zemdars and you also have unlimited ammo for this mission so there is no hesitation. Do your best and watch out for multiple Suns and Satellien when you start to destroy more and more Zemdars. Good Luck Colonel!

F-15 Eagle works with both generations of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch. You may need an external hearing device for the iPod Touch.

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For comparison only, if you liked Flight Simulator, X-Plane, X-Plane Extreme, Fighter Pilot, or the original Defender and F-15 Eagle Flight Simulator you will love F-15 Eagle: Flight of the Defender.

Leaf Programmer: Matt F.

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