Welcome to Fantasy!

This is the iPhone version of the ultimate and highly acclaimed adult board game that breaks all the barriers about sexuality and allows us to voice our inner most fantasies.

Fantasy! game is the most fun you and your friends will have with your clothes on – well maybe not - since there is a distinct possibility that someone may lose some clothing along the way. It all depends on how you would like to play the game. The game is very versatile and you can make it as docile or daring as you like depending on the personal dynamics of the players.

Fantasy! can be played with two to six players. It is stimulating, challenging and loads of fun for both sexes regardless of the sexual tendencies and preferences of the players.

The object of the game – other than having a fantastic time – is to get to the finish line first by accumulating 69 points. Each player gets to roll the dice by shaking the iPhone to determine the number of points they will play for. The system randomly picks a “fantasy” which the player must say followed by a randomly picked act which the player must do. The act may include another player! The player accumulates points by saying and acting out the fantasies. If the player chooses not to perform the act, the points are deducted from the total for that player. The first player that reaches 69 points is declared the winner and the player with the least amount of points is declared the “slave” and must obey the winner for a minimum of 5 minutes.

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