Heraldry Match is a simple memory puzzle game with a Heraldry theme. The card icons used in-game are ancient Heraldic symbols. Any fan of dragons, swords, shields, and mythic creatures will love this game!

Whether you want to familiarize yourself with old English symbols or not, this easy to play memory game will keep you entertained for hours!

The game starts by revealing the location of the symbols and then it's up to you to match them up in time!

Try to beat your score each time by completing the matches faster! Flex your memory muscle with every play!

This game is perfect for all ages.

-Unlimited replay value! Symbols are randomly picked at the start of every game for varying levels of difficulty.
-Exercise your brain muscles and develop your memory skills.
-Points are based on how quickly you get through the level.
-Dragons, mythical creatures, shields and swords!

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