Introducing Dave, the first of many characters planned to debut in ManWax, an entertainment app by

In this release, unsuspecting Dave is relaxing on the wax table as you use your finger to apply wax over his hairy chest and groin. Dave giggles and moans as you apply the wax and cloth over his pudgy body, but the real fun is only about to begin. With a good coating of wax and a slide of your finger, the wax and hair are removed from the once calm Dave. Now Dave is screaming as his bare skin turns pink and pulsates.

Dave’s hilarious screams and comments are guaranteed to keep you and friends laughing! Draw funny faces or designs on his hairy chest as you apply wax. Re-grow his hair with the push of a button or by just giving your iPhone a shake.

More fun and exciting characters planned for the future to ensure ManWax stays fresh and entertaining.

Download now and start waxing the man!

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