In the presented iPhone version of QUADRIGA, there is one player, the other three being simulated by the computer. Each player moves one knight in previously randomized order.
Unlike other board games, where the starting point of the game or the take-off place of putting your chessmen or pieces is normally set, in QUADRIGA, the take-off square of placing the chessmen is absolutely arbitrary. The game board has 100 squares and we are free to place four chessmen (knights) on any of them one by one.

At the very moment of starting the game, each play will be practically unrepeatable because there are 3,921,255 possibilities of placing the four chessmen on the 100 square board - there is no mistake, there are nearly 4 million combinations of "opening" the game, which are additionally multiplied up to a few dozen million combinations by the knight's way of moving, only in a couple of turns.

QUADRIGA is a classic game. It's non-violent and does not require destroying the opponent through eliminating their pawns in order to win. The key to victory in our game is intelligence, logical thinking and prediction of the opponents' moves. One does not play "against" the others; victory is determined by the number of points scored.
Thanks to its clear, unambiguous and fair rules, QUADRIGA can be recommended even for very young children without reservations.

Course of the game:

- starting from the places taken at the beginning, the chessmen move on the board in the way the knight does the players make subsequent moves in randomized order.

- placing his chessman on a square, the player takes the piece off.

- the chessman can be placed only on a square where there is still a piece.

- squares without pieces are excluded from the further game and the players are eliminated one by one if they are not able make the next move.

- the player who has made the last move is the winner.

- the player who has won shall not make any other possible moves.

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