Behind every Trivia Question lies a story which is never told. Why did John Wayne like working with John Ford? How did the Lakers end up in Los Angeles? With TrickiWiki Trivia you will never again be satisfied knowing an answer, but not knowing the how and why behind that answer.

TrickiWiki Trivia brings Trivia Games into the 21st Century. Stumped by a question? Thought sure you knew the answer? Got it right but want to learn more? Every question links directly to the mobile Wikipedia so you can learn the details behind the question.

TrickiWiki Trivia has two game modes, random play and contest play. Random is perfect for when you have a few minutes and want to kill some time, while contest play is where it gets serious. Each contest, or level, is 25 questions and at the end you can post your high score and see how others have done. Every week we publish a new contest level for you to play at no additional charge. Test your skill against the world, post your high-scores, and see if you have what it takes to be the best!

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