Arrr Matey conquer th' seas! Juggle cannonballs under th' great depths o' th' ocean. Flick or fling cannonballs any speed ye want. Fear nay as th' prowlin' shark swims by. Go on an' scare up some fish wi' a few explodin' cannonballs! There be a lot t' explore in this underwater arcade. Ye best be Jugglin' yer way t' victory!

Oh an' beware o' th' torpedoes.

+ Global score board
+ Simple pick up and go gameplay
+ Submit your highest score at any time
+ Rich moving environment
+ Throw cannonballs at the speed you flick them
+ Three dimensional cannonballs
+ Fish respond to you and to their surroundings
+ Riveting cannonball explosions

If needed support is available at

An app by Petrolstone.

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