Chiaro Tic Tac Toe provides you the world's best user experience on a classic tic tac toe game with a beaultiful user interface and more. See some of its features bellow:

It lets you choose between three different themes: a nature based, metal based and an animal based one. You can customize this app as much as you like.

It has a multiplayer support, so you may have fun with all your friends! But it doesn't mean you can't play alone. Go to the preferences panel and choose the option to play with one or two players.

Chiaro Tic Tac Toe also counts the number of times you win and loose and the number of times there is a tie. It also works perfectly with multiplayer support! You can compare the results with your friends to see who's the best!

Don't you think a sound effect would be cool? Yes, it would, but if you don't want to play the game with sound effects, you may disable it on the preferences panel. Chiaro Tic Tac Toe has a simple sound effect, which makes everything more fun!
NOTE: The game runs smoother with the sound turned off.

Don't want to see the title screen? Unlike many other games, you can choose how it will be showed! You may customize it so the welcome screen will be displayed for different lengths of time.

Still need help? There's a manual, and unlike many other games, you may view it without any internet connection. Isn't this great?

-Theme support
-Choose between three beautiful different themes
-Sound effects
-Play counter
-Full customization
-Offline manual
-Welcome screen time customization
-And more!

Also visit for more apps, support, contact, questions and much more!

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