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Have fun and improve your short-term memory with the new improved MemoBlocks.
The application will stimulate your memory by displaying different pictures while you try to remember their position and match the pairs. The goal is to make all blocks disappear in the shortest amount of time.
You have to solve grids of 16, 24, 36 and now even 48 blocks for countless hours of fun. Great for adults and kids of all ages.
Includes 6 beautiful and colorful image themes: Egypt, Euclid, Fruits, Flags, China and Maya and four levels of difficulty for each one. That's 24 different puzzles to keep you and your friends entertained for many hours.
- six image themes
- four levels of difficulty: grids of 4x4, 4x6,6x6 and 6x8 blocks
- game statistics for each theme and level
- game auto-saves when answering a call or exiting application so you can continue next time you run it
- pause the game and turn the sound on or off

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