The alien wars are over and they are going home. But as a last spiteful act they are dropping cows at terminal altitudes. Now it is up to you to save the farm. Jump in the farm copter (rigged with light impulse cannons and cow beams of course) and let those aliens know who wears the overalls in this pasture.


* Fast paced game play
* Lots of room to maneuver
* Plenty of action
* Simple to understand game mechanics
* Difficult to master situations
* Catching and landing a falling cow is exeptionally challenging
* The option to leave your own music playing

Game Play

Your helicopter is tilt controlled. There are no visible on screen buttons, the screen is divided into four corners which represent "Pause", "Fire", "Power Fire", and "Cow Beam".

* Enemies come in overlapping waves.
* Some enemies attack you and others abduct your cattle.
* Shoot down the abductors and cow beam your cattle safely back to pasture.
* Power Fire launches the projectile slightly upward the angle of your ship.
* The cow beam always lunches straight down and dangles below the ship.
* Scoring is based on the herd count. More cows equal better score with each kill.
* If you die or your herd is wiped out the game is over.

Updates coming soon!

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