If you think this is some dead easy game you can beat in 2 minutes, you're in for a surprise! All you have to do is tap to move the ball out of the way of the lasers. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! You think you're up to the challenge? If you somehow manage to beat all 4 levels of adventure mode, or all 3 levels of accel mode, please send me a screenshot of the winning page at! Also, send me your highscores. All I can say is good luck. You'll need it!

*Newest updates:

-4 themes: Underwater, Outer Space, Candy, and Halloween
-To change themes, go to Info->Change Theme
-Global highscores (to access them, go to Highscores and then click on global scores)
-Accel mode (move the ball by moving the iPod)
-Extra items
-Pause the game by touching with two fingers

If you have any more suggestions, don't hesitate to ask!

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