ONLY IPHONE _ Not For ipod Touch!
(next build)


THE #1 Must Have Action&Arcade Game on Appstore!

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Cosmobomber is explosive space arcade, exclusively for iphone.
You are a fighter flying your spaceship through dangerous asteroid fields.
All you need is to crash-and-burn them on your way through!
Powerful guns on board, no "out of ammo" bummers or any brain-cracking tasks.
Earn ingame money, set up modificators and get medals on your way through the Universe!
So let's go!

As the commander of your space ship flying through dangerous galaxies, you
need to shoot off incoming meteoroids to protect your ship!


- 5 unique Universe, each with their own guns , asteroids and fighting style
- 15 different arenas,
- 8 gun modifiers available in the shop : Shield, Fire accelerator,
Regenerator and Cooler (each in two different power version)
- Online Highscores
- 9 medals for honour and fire style
- Beautiful graphics
- Addictive gameplay, with very attractive music


1) To Cool Down Your gun just SHAKE your Iphone!
2) Buy and use different Modificators
for greater efficiency!


Thanks To everyone who downloaded Cosmobomber! we appreciate all your support and great suggestions! So be patient to get all updates!

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