If you love word games, this is the game for you.

WORD ADDICT is a simple yet addictive word-search game. Challenge your smarts and increase your score with bonus points as you finish each level.

Be careful as WORD ADDICT could keep you up for hours. If you have any intention to do housework or cut the grass, do not dabble in this game!

WORD ADDICT has 3 levels. See how high you can get your score. Have a duel with a friend or family member.

- 3 levels of 10 words each
- the longer the word, the more bonus points you get
- bonus points for level scores of 200 points and up
- letters enter in random directions, mixing up the board
- undo the last word entered
- stores up to 10 high scores (with player names and star rating)
- score breakdown between levels
- star-rating of your score (beginner to grand master)
- built-in dictionary
- choice of 8 background colors
- user-selectable sound: on or off
- game resumes from where you left it

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