Put your reactions to the test with Fast & Fruity and match the fruit when there are three or more in a line. But be careful, because this simple, yet awesome game is very fun and addictive!

Fast & Fruity will remember your highest score on each difficulty, so you can compete with your friends and pit your wits to see who can get the highest scores and has the fasted reactions!

Fast & Fruity is suited for both iPhone and iPod touch.

How to play:

Game play is very simple. After selecting your difficulty, the fruit will change randomly on the screen and as soon as there are three or more matching in a line, either horizontally or vertically, you touch one of them. If you are quick enough to get them before they change again you will get 10 points per matching fruit. But be careful, because if you miss, you will get 5 points deducted from your score. TIP: Sometimes, the fruit will create a matching row in both directions. Touching these will gain you extra points.

Have fun!

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