Version 1.1 has been submitted and is coming soon!


Fruitilicious is a fun fruit filled puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

It's your job to help Peaches the fruit bat collect as much fruit as she can.

You collect fruit by matching three or four of the same flavour around Peaches by moving either them or Peaches herself. To move just drag the fruit or Peaches about with your finger, if you change your mind just drop it back where it came from.

Only moves that allow Peaches to collect fruit are allowed, if you can't see any combinations try shaking the game to mix up the fruit. Shaking will cost you ten seconds, and you can only shake if you have enough time left. If you try a move and it doesn't help Peaches, the pieces will swap back over; but don't worry if this happens, she's quite patient.

There are some special tokens Peaches can use to help her:

Stars, Moons and Suns
When collected in threes and fours like fruit these will give you precious extra time. Collect as much as you can so when things get tough you have enough to shake your way out of a corner.

Cherry Bombs
Collect a Cherry Bomb as the fourth piece when you pick up some fruit. It will explode, enabling Peaches to grab loads of extra juicy wind

Collect a Snowflake as the fourth piece when you collect some fruit and all the matching fruit on the board will freeze. Frozen fruit is all the same to Peaches so you can collect three or four frozen fruit pieces whatever flavour they are, any others in reach will be snapped up too.

Fruitilicious was created and developed by Nellyvision and is published by Greenius.

Good Luck!

New in v1.1:
Gameplay improvements including guaranteed legal moves following a shuffle and more challenging difficulty curve.
Graphical polish and better in game display.
New music and lots of new sound effects.
Clearer level changes and game end plus more warning when time gets low.

Coming in v1.2:
Full interactive tutorial
Options screen to personalise your experience
Restore game so you can continue if your game gets interrupted
UI improvements

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