Playing Mimix is like a room filled with copies of the classic memory game Simon, all networked together by an invisible floating brain who controls a 3D sound space dishing out increasingly hard patterns to you and your friends who "play" together amidst subtle undertones of pressure and rising competition.

Okay,'s a multi-player game like Simon that is surprisingly addictive, especially with friends.

Mimix plays a pattern of lights and sounds and the group must mimic it back. It's not so easy when every player only controls a portion of the pattern!

=== SOLO PLAY ===

4 levels of difficulty, with 4 or 6 colors, and multiple colors can play simultaneously.


Note: Peer-to-Peer multiplayer mode required iPhone OS 3.0 and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S and iPod touch (2nd generation)

*** Collaboration Mode ***

Mimix plays a pattern of light and sound spread out among all the phones and you must collaborate with the other players to mimic it back correctly. With each level the pattern gets longer and plays faster so watch out!

*** Last One Standing ***

Similar to Collaboration Mode, except if you mess up then you must sit out while the others carry on. The last one standing wins.

*** Battle Mode ***

Compete head-to-head with the other players. Every player has the same set of colors and gets the same sequence of lights and sounds. Points are earned for mimicking back the pattern correctly with a bonus for the first one finished on each level.


Mimix tracks your own best scores when playing solo to mark your improvement


Post your scores on the leaderboard to see how you stack up to others across the world* (requires a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection).


The multi-player version even works when you have headphones on! You hear the sounds that other people play as if they were coming from the direction of that player. Great for road trips so kids can play without bothering parents.


Want to test it out before buying? You can play the lite version which has Solo Play and Collaboration Mode for 2 players.

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