Once... Long Ago... In the lands of the Middle Kingdom...


In his pursuit of the dark way, a ninja must learn to use many tools of combat, but no weapons are more important than the powerful STONE, the magical PAPER scroll, or the throwing star that cuts like SCISSORS.

But mastery of these tools is not an art, not a skill, not a talent... but a burden. Many years ago, the nameless master set down these tools of DESTRUCTION to attempt a life of peace, but now his past has returned to haunt him. He... You... must return to the tools of a former life to seek vengeance against the Deadly Dragon Clan that has struck against your peaceful village.


* Story mode challenges you to defeat "deadly" members of Deadly Dragon Clan.
* Beautiful Japanese inspired backgrounds and characters
* Gameplay where reading your opponent is just as important as your Karate skill.
* Rock, Paper, Scissors with a depth depthier than the dark well of a ninja's soul.

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