A different take on the classic game, the object is to score as many points as possible by shooting most everything that moves. In addition, there will be space mines to dodge, flying saucers and tandem fighters to keep you moving. Use the virtual buttons on the bottom left of the screen to rotate your ship. Use the buttons on the bottom right for thrusters and firing. Tap anywhere at the top of the screen to pause the action. Note that as your ship spawns (noted by fading in), you are invulnerable and free to move.

Periodically, you will reach a bonus level. If you manage to destroy all of the objects without dying, you will earn a bonus based on time elapsed, bonus level, and enemies killed.

You will also encounter an endurance level, where objects will continually spawn as the level progresses. Keep destroying enemies until time runs out.

Extra lives are awared at 5000, 15000, 25000, 50000, and every 50000 thereafter.

A local high score table is available to keep in track of your best scores.

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