What Is It?
BravixBall is an insanely addictive musical collecting game that lets you compete against your friends.

As you keep collecting more and more colored spheres, the colored cubes start moving faster and its your objective to dodge those as your sphere keeps growing larger.

When you collect a distinctly sized and colored sphere you will hear 1 of the 21 recorded acoustic guitar chords (majors, dominants, minors) that will mix surprisingly well with the background beat-box music tracks.

- beautiful, simple and clean graphics.
- 21 acoustic guitar chords (majors, dominants, minors).
- 7 rapidly moving and rotating colored cubes.
- 7 stationary colored spheres that play music when collected.
- 2 beat-box music tracks.
- 1 moving, rolling, growing sphere (you).
- sound effects by voice.
- portrait or landscape mode, just rotate your device!
- local high scores board.
- touch based movement.
- challenge friends.

How To Play:
- touch or drag and your sphere will follow.
- points are based on collected sphere size.
- avoid the cubes!

Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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