Guadix is all about finding poker combinations in a grid of 36 cards. But there is more to it than that. The player has to take the multiplier and the fold ability into account, while keeping an eye out for jokers and flipped cards in the grid. The tactics for the game is different, depending on what mode is being played.

There are 6 different modes which all have their unique elements, in order to keep the gameplay experience fresh. The 6 modes are the following:
- Endurance: The standard version, where focus is on the multiplier, the folds, and getting as high a score as possible.

- Power Play: No folds, but instead there can be 9 different powers in the grid, which can be used when the player feels the need.

- Time Attack: Stress overload, every combination will extend the countdown with valuable seconds. When it reaches zero, it will all be over.

- Challenge: 15 different challenges which all requires the player to find specific combinations in order to continue.

- Puzzle: 12 cards must be removed from the grid to complete the puzzle. Planning the perfect execution is essential.

- Survival: An endurance style of play, but no additional folds are given. The player has to try and survive as long as possible.

Guadix features highscores, and 36 milestones to complete. The milestones requires the player to find, achieve or do various of tasks during the game in order to obtain them all. The highscore and milestones will give the player a purpose to keep playing, one game at the time!

Version history:
1.0: Release version.

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