Find out what everyone is talking about in this UNIQUE take on iPhone golf!
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* "Both incredibly challenging and incredibly inventive" -148apps

* "Fresh and original gameplay along with beautiful artwork make Invisible Links a fantastic game." -weplayiphone

* "I thought no game could be more addicting than Flight Control. I was wrong! This is by far my favorite iPhone game to date! A+ to the developers!" -voodoomeng

* "What a wonderfully original and beautifully illustrated concept!" -djflippy (toucharcade forums)

* "Featured on App Store front page in New and Noteworthy!" - some guy who can access the iTunes App Store

Invisible Links is the simplest SPATIAL-STRATEGY, DRAWING, GOLFING, PUZZLE, MEMORY, MAZE GAME you'll ever play :)

You direct a golf ball through a series of hand drawn golf courses. Use your finger to draw the best path for the ball, but stay in bounds or it will cost you a stroke! Sounds easy right? Oh, one more thing, the course DISAPPEARS WHEN YOU START TO DRAW.

Set in a school classroom, Invisible Links allows you to meet 6 fun classmates, each with their own unique style and drawing skills. Being the new kid in class, you've got a lot to prove. It turns out, the best way to earn respect with this crowd is to join in a secret note-passing game...

Gameplay consists of navigating SKETCHES WHICH TURN INVISIBLE as soon as they are touched (so the teacher won't see!). Use your memory skills and dexterity to master each twist and turn. Use two fingers to zoom, pan, and rotate the course to set up your perfect shot. By studying the course before it disappears, you will soon learn to beat your classmates at their own game, and claim the title of INVISIBLE LINKS class champ.

- Intuitively navigate levels using multi-touch controls
- Over 60 beautifully hand-drawn levels
- Hours of engaging gameplay
- Gather hidden stars in each level
- Navigate through Mountain Cliffs, Egyptian Pyramids, Heart Valves, Fiery Volcanos, and much more!
- Addicting… oh, so addicting

- Practice your shots multiple times before taking a swing. If you can't do it in practice, you won't be able to do it when it really counts.
- The courses disappear, but fortunately the paper has some landmark crinkles that stick around. Keep an eye on 'em.
- Plan your shots. By using the edges of the screen, you'll be able to do a lot better!

Good luck!

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