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Welcome to Super Rock!
Super Rock is a 2D and 3D survival defense and offense game for the iPhone and iPod touch.
This is a favorite arcade classic, updated for 2009!
Your goal is to avoid rocks and shoot them with an array of cool weapons, splitting rocks into the mission diamond.
Experience a revolutionary brick game that sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you've ever played!

You must destroy the gate, bricks and small rocks in the Diamond area.

- Shoot by Touch and move by Drag
- Shoot by Touch and Tilt

- 60 Level stages.
- Unlimited weapons
( machingun, laser, power dual-bullet )
- Shield items
( the wall, original sheild )

- Over 9 different upgrade units with shields, missiles, lasers and more!

- All of the Rock favorites such as Big rock, small rock and tiny rock.

- Each brick has item money for buying items.

- Penalty brick block
(smoke and lightning ).

- Upgrade items in every level
and destroy Rocks!

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