Who doesn't love to pop bubbles? Have fun killing time with iBubbles, it's a lot more fun than you think! See our screen shots below!

iBubbles Bubble Game is different than any other bubble game in the app store!

It was originally built for children BUT we found while testing that adults love it just as much!

*** Features ***************************

* MODES & LEVELS: You can play your game in either auto-mode or blow-mode! Yes, you or your kids can blow into the mic to blow your own bubbles! If you don't want to do that, you can set it to auto-mode and then pick from 3 levels: Easy, Normal, & Hard

* Game keeps track of how many bubbles you can blow and how many bubbles you pop in the allowed time.

* SCORES: Game keeps score for multiple players.

* SOUND: Hear that great bubble popping sound when you pop bubbles!

* BUBBLES: They float up your screen at different speeds and the goal is to pop as many as you can. Bubbles also are in different sizes and in different fun colors!

* ARTWORK - BACKGROUNDS: By far the best quality artwork on any bubble app. Choose from 6 great different backgrounds for your game. The reviews from both kids and adults on the artwork have been spectacular!

Any and all future updates will be free.


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