Cargo Master is a challenging sliding block puzzle game that you can play for hours or for just a few minutes at a time.

If you liked Blocked or Unblockme you will love Cargo Master.

Your task is to move the green container to the loading bay in as few moves as possible. Unfortunately there is hardly any room left in the cargo yard and to make any progress you will constantly have to move other containers out of the way.

Containers can be moved in all directions, unlike blocks in other puzzles. But don't fool yourself --- this only makes your task trickier!

Cargo Master offers six levels of difficulty and a built-in puzzle generator. Other puzzle games provide only a limited set of fixed puzzles. CargoMaster can generate new puzzles for any level of difficulty on the fly, giving you a virtually unlimited repertoire of puzzles!

Cargo Master is also the only puzzle game of its type that allows you to introduce an element of luck into the game (this is of course optional, the basic game is a pure logic puzzle).

Cargo Master saves the complete game state. You will never lose your progress even when you need to quit the game to work with other applications. When you return to your game it is exactly where you left it. So you can play whenever you have a few spare minutes to relax, during the coffee break, on the bus, or in that boring Monday morning meeting...

- challenging play
- six levels of difficulty
- built-in puzzle generator providing a virtually unlimited number of puzzles
- persistent game state: interrupt your game at any time and never lose what you have achieved
- high score tracking for different players
- iPhone OS3.1 compatible

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