“Irk”… to annoy, disgust, irritate, tire out.

Each day you battle people who really “irk” you, you know who they are. Now you can vent your frustrations a little or a lot on our selection of “Irks”.

Are your “Irks”… your Boss, your Financial Wizard, your Personal Trainer, maybe your Mother-In–Law, Mr. All That or Ms. Perfect (Thanks to her doctor). Those “Irks”, get under your skin and their voices buzz in your ears constantly subjecting you to their annoying advice.

Have you ever just wanted to shake your “Irks”, or send a wrath down upon them…. make their life miserable for once! With our specially formulated “Bag-O-Jacks”, you can let those “Irks” have it over and over in many different ways, it’s up to you!

Use the gear button to select your “Irk”, The Boss, Financial Wizard, Personal Trainer, Mother-In-Law, Mr. All That, Ms. Perfect.

Also use the gear button to choose your “Irks” background – ex. Color, sky, grass, wood, money, metal, H2O

Use your finger to push, pull or shove your “Irks” around or choose the “Bag-O-Jacks” button to make your “Irks” miserable. Send in a swarm of bees, or blow them up with a bomb, send them into self destruct mode. The Jacks can be combined to cause all kinds of havoc on your “Irks”. You can even turn them into Confetti and blow them away by blowing into the microphone.

Each “Irk” has distinct voices and phrases to get under your skin. The “Irks” will let out grunts, groans and other questionable noises while you put the hurt on your “Irks”.

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