You must escape from the Tomb of Death.
There are many bugs in the Tomb.

You can get new weapons while you are playing.
Your weapons are Hammer and MachineGun on First Stage.
Hammer can gives powerful shockwave to bugs but not damage.
MachineGun can gives high damege and shockwave to bugs.
Other weapons have different damage and special ability.

You can get 2 difference type of items if you killed the bugs !
The One of items is the Key.
You can through door on the wall if you got the key and you can go to the next stage.
Another item is the cure.
It will recharge your life if you got it.

There is 3 type of the monsters.
They are spider , cockroach and centipede.
They have different damage , life , speed and special skill.

Play Tip !

All Weapons have shot-delay.
It means If you press weapon's button again after its first shot
then it will not working.
You can cancel shot-delay If you press the Other Weapon's button.

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