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Introduction :
"Endless Defence" is 3D action game for iPhone/iPod Touch platform on Apple App Store.

It's a 3D Hybrid Game that Mixed: Action/Survival/Strategy/TD,
If you like these games above, Please be sure to try it,
In this game, You have to resist the constant attacks from the enemies,
You can Attack/Run/Strengthen ability,
It's simple but Challenging game!

Story :
A shaman summoned a lot of monster,
And began attacking the city through the teleport ,
Only you can save the city!
Take up your sword and FIGHT BACK!!

Goal :
You must prevent enemies from attack the stronghold.
Let’s see “How long can you survive?”

Game save data :
The game will save your last round automatic,
So you can continue play at next time.
But if you start a new game,
And confirm to replace the data,
The last round by auto save will be lost.

Future updates include :
1.New Stage
2.New Enemy
... and more

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