Sabirang is a pair-matching game such as Mahjong and Shanghai. It is a game in which you have to find and match the same blocks to score points.
However, Sabirang is much easier and quicker than them. You can search for your Score on the Ranking Board.

Enjoy Sabirang with Alien Pig PiPi!

Game modes
-Sabirang provides three kinds of unique playing modes.
-Arcade Mode : Your aim is to erase all the blocks on the screen. You can erase the blocks by connecting them with a straight line which can make a turn only Twice.
-Time Attack Mode : Your aim is to erase all the blocks on the screen as fast as possible. However, in this mode are Not Requires Connect Line!
-Survival Mode :
This mode is similar to the Arcade Mode, but your aim is to survive as long as possible by erasing the blocks quickly. The number of blocks increase as the clock goes down - when the table is filled, you lose!

-If you Touch the ‘Hint’ button, it highlights the blocks that can be erase. You only need to Touch on one of them for the points.
-When there are no matching pairs, or when you simply want to shuffle the blocks, you can Touch the ‘Shake’ button or just shake the Device.
-When the time gauge shows ‘danger’, don’t hesitate to click the ‘Hint’ and ‘Shake’!

- An easy and straightforward user interface.
- You can make your own user name, save and load of your track record.
- A quick pace of playing with all different kinds of fun elements through the stages.
- Three different playing modes.
- Meet the lovely characters; Alien pig Pipi, and a little polar bear Pero!.
- A colorful background with mysterious oriental patterns.

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