Simply Poker involves a combination of skill and luck and attracts players by providing hours of stimulating entertainment. *

To begin play press the deck of cards in the upper portion of the screen (DEAL). Once the deck has been selected, place your bet. PLACING A BET You may bet Five, Ten, Twenty-Five or One Hundred chips on each hand. (with a max bet of Five Hundred). Once you place your bet you push the accept bet button located below the betting chips.

After your five cards are dealt press the cards you want to discard (face down) while leaving the cards you want to keep alone (face up). If you would like to keep all the cards press the stand button below the cards to evaluate your hand.

After making your selections, double check to ensure that every card you would like to keep is face up and the cards you want to discard are face down. You then press the draw button below the cards to replace the cards you have chosen with new cards from the deck.

Instead of beating an opponent's hand, you win when you hold any of the five-card combinations listed in the hierarchy of winning hands to the left of the poker table. If your resulting hand holds a winning combination you will be credited according to the payout schedule.

As with poker, Simply poker hands are valued based on their five-card ranking. These rankings are detailed below, 1 being the highest rank:

Raadius, LLC appreciates your feedback and welcomes your suggestions for future levels, improvements and advanced features that will enhanced the game experience for all ages and skill levels. If you experience any difficulties will playing, please let us know immediately so we can locate the issue and correct it.

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