The red and blue warriors are at loggerheads with each other for a long time. They lived on separate halves of the island and always fight over women and treasures. In order to settle their disputes once and for all, King Arthur decided to make them fight in a final war called the Avatar of War. The winner will have the final say and the other party will have to agree to their demands.In this war, you are the commander of your own army. Your mission is to destroy the enemies' castle without mercy by commanding your army to fight and gain victory for your fellow countrymen.Avatar of War is a drawing commands game where you draw different gestures on your iPhone for different kinds of commands such as March Forward/Backward, Charge, Retreat, Focus Fire, Assassin etc. You can use the drawing commands wisely to get an upper hand in the battle.There are different types of units such as warriors, archer, mage, knights, catapult, assassin, gryphon etc. Each of them has their unique abilities which can help you fight for glorious victory.To focus on either sides of the battle, you just need to tilt your iPhone to left or right. You can see the red and blue warriors battling it out on the battlefield. Do beware that once your hero dies, your enemy will be taking advantage of the situation by charging towards your castle. Make sure he is always protected by his army! Your hero can control the cannon on the castle. Tilt the cannon up and down to adjust the angle of the firepower to backup your army on the battlefield. Once you gained enough money by killing your enemies, you can upgrade and buy different units to increase the strength of your troops.Main Game Features:- Unlimited levels to play- 7 types of units with individual unique skills- Make different drawing gestures to command the army- More than 14 abilities to upgrade- Online World ranking- You can shuffle and play your music library within the game- Brilliant graphics and game music------------------------------------------------Support and FeedbackOur forum is now live. For comments and feedback about the game on areas of improvements, please visit our forum. For technical support or other enquiries, please drop us an email at

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