-Add new stage "seven"
-0.5 million download in cellar phone market

------Talk of Game------
"Amazing" --Jean--
"It's very interested game. very interested..." --gamepot--

Game Synopsis
I have a headache and feel powerless. I try to open my eyes but strong light makes me close my eyes again. I wait for a minute and barely manage to open my eyes. I can see bright light. I am in somebody's room and now get up on my hands. The room is seen in detail. The blackish iron bars of the door are seen first. I look around the room with the temples of my head pressed. Somebody made the room neat. A sheet of memo is found. "You waisted your time" "You are extremely guilty of it but I will give you a change." "It is not difficult. You must show me your strong will for your life." I don't know who made this trap but I walk up to the door. The door is locked. It will not open.

Features of the game
20 detailed rooms are provided with each stage.
Thanks to various designs of tools used in the real life, the game player can enjoy realistic game play.

The purpose of developing the game, Panic Room
The game, Escaping from the room, is the best escape i-phone game.
Special designs are created especially for the game of escaping the room.
Various games are played in the combination of over 50 kinds of items.
There are about 20 various rooms.
Continuous game play is possible thanks to hidden items.
This game is good for the i-phone game as it is possible to play in a brief time.

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