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The ocean flows with many treasures. Do you wanna experience a ocean-hunter’s life? You may choose a character from two to start your expedition. Come On!

As a ocean-hunter, you need to work hard to unlock the piscary. And then catch the fishes, search for the treasures as many as you can.
The expedition through the seas was fraught with challenges and dangers. You may learn some skills to strengthen yourself.

**Game Features**

- 2 characters with different skills and base attributes.

- More than 50 kinds of animated fish.

- 17 different scenes within 5 areas of sea.

- Skill Learning, Upgrading and Shopping available.

- Many hidden elements inside the treasure boxes.

- Best quality artworks.

- Original BGMs and Sound Effects.

- Auto-save available.

**About Fishing**

Tap the left/right button to move the boat (you have to upgrade your boat in Upgrade Center first). Stop tapping for anchoring. The harpoon connected to the boat swings by itself. Shoot the harpoon to the fishes, and draw them back to the boat.

**Strengthen Yourself**

Upgrade your harpoon and boat to improve their abilities. Of course it cost a lot of money. So catch the fishes as many as possible.

The statues may be set on the boat to bring you many wonderful abilities. Some rare statues are with extraordinary effects. With a bit of good luck, you might find them inside treasure boxes, chances are low, but come on! Give it a try!

**Using Skills**

While fishing you can also use the special skills. Each fisherman has different talents and can learn different skills.

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