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Let cute bear take you to travel in the space. Enjoy the view of the space. Click the bear to make him fly as high as possible. Continue clicking to see how high the bear can fly.

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?Click the bear. Let him fly as high as possible.
?Enjoy the view of the space: bear take you travel in the space.
?Amusing sound effects such as firecracker sound and bear shouting.
?A variety of entertaining props, such as tray, fireworks, parachute and accelerator.
?Automatically save your personal high score.
?Compete against your friends from other countries based high score list through the submit button!

Coming in the next version:
?More props.
?More background and music.

Do your best to make your bear fly as high as possible. Your bear will take you to realize your dream. However, you should be careful for it is not easy to control. Come on!

For support, help, or suggestions please contact support.handcn@



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