What is it?

TidyUp is a fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and luck that will bring you many hours of entertainment. The goal is to score as high as possible while preventing the board from filling up. Play by moving one game token at a time trying to form lines of at least 5 tokens, which will make them fall off the board.

TidyUp features three difficulty modes, each with dozens of levels:
- Fresher: the easiest of the three modes, features less token types, bombs that can remove tokens (or ruin your line arrangements!), and Jocker pieces and can be used in place of any other token. No new tokens are placed on the board after moves that removed tokens.
- Graduate: moderate difficulty and requires a higher score to pass each level. Also less bombs and Jockers.
- Master: the most difficult game mode. New tokens are placed on the board after every player move and some tokens cannot be removed or moved.


- Fantastic UI with high quality graphics, sounds and special effects
- 20 different piece images, specially designed to make them clearly distinguishable, gives games an exciting and different look each time
- Over 60 game levels and 3 difficulty modes guarantee hours of fun
- Jokers, bombs, and fixed pieces bring lots of fun to the game
- Highscores can be stored both in your iPhone/iPod and on the online scoreboard
- Automatic saving and restoring of the current game, so you can continue exactly where you left off at any time
- Optimized for touch screen play

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