Planet Ogutus sat directly in the center of Galaxy 209.For centuries it had been the most peaceful planet in the entire Solar System.

Ogutians did not believe in war. Even as their galaxy began to try to pressure them into joining the forces against Galaxy 505 they managed to remain in a neutral state. However, after the death of Galaxy 209's renaissance leader Planet Ogutus's situation was about to change. The new leader ordered them once again to join the resistance against Galaxy 505. But when Planet Ogutus refused to take part in the war they started to be considered a threat to their own Galaxy and an order to destroy their planet was issued.

After the devastating attack left their citizens starving, homeless and slowly dying they had no choice but to look elsewhere for the resources they so badly needed if their race was going to survive.

Two months after the attack, a group of self reproducing robots was sent out to find a new suitable home for the Ogutians. Their mission was to find and conquer.

But after landing on planet Earth they realized their mission wasn't going to go quite as planned.

Your job is to protect planet earth from the invading robots.

Akai Gai's reproduce very fast and the only way to get rid of the clones from the original Akai Gai is to find and tap the original Akai Gai enough times to create a combo effect.

The amount of times you tap the original Akai Gai determines the amount of points you earn. Your main goal is to get rid of as many Akai Gai's as possible and earn the most points.

Tapping Akai Gai:

1 Tap = 10 points
2 Taps = 15 points
3 Taps = 100 points + combo effect

Be careful! If you have 10 Akai Gai's on the screen at any given time the world as we know it will be over!

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