This game makes the fight of Romance of the Three Kingdoms a theme.
It is a game that simply enjoys the strategy.
This game is made a game application program based on the scenario "Gen Romance of the Three Kingdoms".
You become great strategist"Zhkuge Liang".
And, you set the trap(fire,pitfall,sake) to the battlefield map.

Can you splendidly annihilate the enemy force by effectively beginning the strategy?
"Good things come to those who wait."
Can you cover all battlefield maps with the flame of justice, making full use of a strategy?

There are a lot of famous fights in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms age as it is not possible to count.
Furthermore, this game takes in well-known fights such as "The Battle of Hulaoguan" and "The Battle of Wuzhangyuan" from all over the fight.
Moreover, this game reproduces those battlefields in the game map, and does the level division.
Can you dominate a more advanced battlefield by growing up oneself?
It's only own ingenuity that I can rely on you.

Let's enjoy the presence of the battlefield of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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