There was one little puppy spending his usual life! One day, there was a butterfly which was surprised after seeing the puppy and the journey begins to catch that butterfly.

Pocket Adventure is a simple addictive arcade game for iPhone, iPod Touch, which can be played only by using one touch. Users take their journey to follow butterfly with the puppy. Puppy and his friends are illustrated with cute motions and there are a variety of maps and items available. During this game, game money can be collected and with cash it enables to buy clothing for puppies. This will create an atmosphere of an exciting and a romantic adventure with puppies.

• Simple operation: Only uses ONE TOUCH, so users can be played easily.
• Cute characters: Illustrated cute characteristics and movements of puppies.
• A variety of items: During the game, many items can be used.
• A variety of backgrounds: Each concept with obstacles are indicated on the map
• Puppy shop: During games, coins can be collected to buy clothing for puppies.
• Transformation: During games, if puppies eat many bones and meats they can transform.

Puppy has many friends who are hedgehogs, donkeys, cats and octopus~*
During puppy’s adventure, you can meet his friends~*
If your puppy can save his friends and run with him, the puppy can earn bonus coins~*

[Description of items]
• Coins: You can collect coins to buy clothes for puppies~*
• Bones: If you intake bones, your gauge for transformation will be filled a little~*
• Meats: If you eat meats, your gauge for transformation will be filled a lot~*
• Rotten meats: if you eat rotten meats, it will take all your gauge for transformation~*
• Taxi: If you take an Alien taxi, it is possible to go a long distance safely, but it is not free.
• Balloon: if you take balloon, you can fly high and collect more coins~*
• Spring: If you step on this spring, you can jump higher.
• Life: If you take this, you will more life. ~*.

It is one touch game~* Use one touch anywhere on the screen to play the game. If the character disappears to the left hand side due to obstacles then the game will be over.

You can collect coins to buy clothes for puppy. Each clothing has many skills. Make your puppy look cute, good-looking and pretty~* (Total 30 Costumes)

• Recommended for fans of arcade games strongly.

******* Lite Version Available *******

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