Ever fancied throwing a drink down a bar? Now here’s your chance: throw virtual drinks down a virtual bar and get virtually plastered with a real mate over Bluetooth.


Single Player

Compete for high scores and combos in single player mode. Catch drinks and throw them back from whence they came using the accelerometer, but not too fast - remember you’ve got to catch what you throw. For every drink you miss your ‘Tipsometer’ will pay the price, so watch out for double vision when you’ve consumed one too many! High scores will be rewarded with pub food (Full English Breakfast!). Gobble those snacks down to decrease your ‘Tipsometer’. BEWARE if your ‘Tipsometer’ gets maxed-out then all that alcohol (and some of the food) will come back to haunt you (get the picture?).



The same rules apply but this time you’re throwing drinks at a friend. Use the Accelerometer to fire drinks at rocket speed towards your opponent and chuckle with glee as they struggle to catch them. It’s not all in the attack though. Lob the drink in your hand at an incoming beverage to smash it off the face of the pub, scoring ‘Combotastic’ points as a bonus. Let’s hope you have a strong stomach though because the first person to hurl is the loser BLEEEUUURRGGHHH!!!



Tilt back and forward to catch incoming drinks then, using a throwing action to, return the drinks at lightning speed. Touch the screen to gobble the tasty snacks which will help you to soak up all that alcohol.


* Addictive single and multiplayer game
* Achievements and global leader boards using the power of Open Feint
* Bluetooth - enabled for high ‘Banterrific’ fun
* Tuned accelerometer control – feel the motion
* Music and non PC FX
* Unlimited virtual food and drink

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