The QMahjongg game is a reformulated Mahjongg game that plays just like the traditional one.Unlike the hundred or so “Mahjongg games” available for download from the APP store, the QMahjongg game is the only one that is worthy to be called a genuine Mahjongg game.

Although QMahjongg is a simplified real Mahjongg game that is played with 7 cards from the Dragon Deck – the first ever 52-card playing deck of the East - instead of playing with 13 or 16 tiles from the 136-tile traditional Mahjongg set, the old playing rules are not only kept unchanged but are made even more challenging by the inclusion of five Feng Shui or Wild cards from the deck into the game.
Moreover, the complex and widely variant scoring rules for the old game dependent upon different geographical playing territories have been solidified into one simple universal code applicable anywhere. The end result is a modern Mahjongg game that plays much faster, simpler yet more intriguing and exciting than the old one, reducing the typical playing time for four rounds of play from hours to just minutes.

Furthermore, QMahjongg is deliberately designed to be a game that challenges the luck and skill of individual players. Players of this game find themselves playing only with three computer friends (“comigos”) instead of three real persons online to form a playing foursome. Each game session comprises exactly eight hands. The luck and skill of the players are measured by the cumulative points they score after playing a complete game session of eight hands.
Although players can play as many or as few hands as they please at any one time, only scored points per complete game session can be submitted for winning prizes or personal stored records.

The purpose of creating this modern Mahjongg game is not just to avail anyone to enjoy playing this game anywhere and at any time using the iPhone, iTouch or equivalent devices, it also serves to save the traditional Mahjongg from extinction in the future due to the incompatibility of this complex game with modern-day living. The heavy and cumbersome 136-tile set, necessarily played with a square table creating unwelcome noise wherever the game is played, is now replaced with a 52-card playing deck of the East, namely the Dragon Deck. With the Dragon Deck, the Q Mahjongg game can now be played anywhere and at any time among 2, 3 or 4 persons such as at home during weekends, picnics, in the café shops or even during the lunch break at work outdoors or in the office. The Dragon Deck is now available for sale by getting onto for more details.

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