WAE Gomoku brings a totally new way of playing Gomoku.

The rule is simple. Players alternately put stone of different color, Black or White respectively, on an empty cross-point of the board. Who reaches five consecutive stones on a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) first wins the game.

Though, different from normally static boards, the fact that players can move the board around in 3D space pushes the game to one more interesting level.

Furthermore, the 3D-spherical board makes it harder to grasp all stone positions as well as verify a winnable row.
These new features altogether create a very promising way of activating one's memory skill and imagination.

Main Features:
?Freely rotatable 3D board
?Easy stone setting with zoom-up fucntion
?3 computer thinking levels
?Possible to undo a step
?Animated stones
?Last stone mark-up
?Auto-adapt to screen orientation
?Optional Kinjite rule
?2 choices of Theme
?Sound Effect/BGM On/Off control
?Listen to iPod at the same time

Simple rule, but has its depth.
Recommend to all who love puzzle and board games.

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