Picture Book 2 - Fun and educating

Picture Book 2 is for children in the age of one to three. Have fun with your kid with sounds and images of animals, music instruments or cars.

Perfect to entertain your kid in 10 minutes in the car, before launch or whenever you need to enjoy a little game together.

The kids can set the speed and decide what should be seen - and learn the name and sounds of the different animals, instruments or vehicles. When the kid clicks on an animal, insturument or vehicle the sound that fits is played.

We hope that your child will have fun with this little application. And please feel free to mail us your feedback or comments.

- Bright and attractive pictures of animals, cars and music instruments
- Sounds are played when the animal, instrument or vehicle is tapped
- Shake the iPhone to show a random picture
- Navigation easy to use and understand for 2-3 years

(Please remember to turn up the volume on you iPhone or iPod Touch to hear the sounds).

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