You have to do the discharge a from 7x9 sheets 100 level to the overhead colors.
We may select any of the sheets, that the level cross on a line into, we may be given direction to spin.
Now the sheets show you the side of invert colors. On the level is helpful, and there are ruining elements of the sheets.
Some of are hideable. Is what it is not possible to remove. Is what the selection of cross step away, or on the level get to his other place. This latter the level may be ruined. We get to a classification based on the full time if we accomplished the 100 level. The aim of the game, that let us accomplish all of the level under the shortest time. During a game displaying it is found till now passed all time (T) sheets' number turned over on the board (FLIP) the lower one 4 type the number of pressing a direction button (PRESS) the present level got ready (FULL) and the number of the present level (LEVEL). The orbit position gets to a rescue, which we may continue after a newer launch, during a game.

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