~~~ OVERVIEW ~~~

Mahjong Wall adds more mystery, strategy, and puzzle solving to the ancient Chinese tile game.

Remove enough matching free pairs from the Mountain of tiles to build the Great Wall, while deducing the Joker's mystery partner for the final pair to complete it.

Dragon pairs are discarded and all must be removed before completing the Wall.

~~~ GAMEPLAY ~~~

Tap the 'info button' (i) for gameplay details. Most importantly, Changing Seasons and Special Moves may free blocked tiles.


Season tiles (SPRing, SUMmer, AUTumn, WINter) are changed (not matched) by selecting the current free Season tile, then one of the tiles from the stacks inside the Wall. The first Season is your choice, thereafter they are changed in natural order.


Shuffle Mountain Tiles by selecting a Shuffle tile in the Wall.

Change Prevailing Wind by selecting a Wind tile (N, S, E, W) in the Wall. Selecting North or South changes free tile removal directions to up/down, selecting East or West changes to right/left.

Slide Mountain Tile to an adjacent and lower stack (or empty space) by selecting the Mountain tile first, then selecting the Wind tile in the Wall that matches the direction you want to slide the Mountain tile.

~~~ FEATURES ~~~

10 tile sets
15 Oriental background paintings
200 ancient proverbs from the Old Master for games won

Unavailable tiles are dimmed
Different highlight colors for Seasons (cyan), Dragons (orange), and other tiles (green)
Yellow highlighting cautions you of unwise moves

Each swipe right shows next free pair
Each swipe left will undo previous moves
Swipes up/down change opacity of paintings (solid colors and tinted paintings possible)

Change tile sets and paintings during games
Start current game over
Current game state saved

Sound effects play along with iPod music (Settings option)
New games can use random tile sets and/or paintings (Settings option)
Popup Help displays gameplay tips while you learn the game (Settings option)

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