Glove up!

It seems that our good doctor, functioning as a proctologist today, has come across a very nervous patient. Mr. Johnson has reached the peak of his anxiety and has turned out the lights in the examination room (again) and is hiding somewhere. "You're gonna poke me where?!" he screeched.

"Not without dinner and a movie!"

You must find this crazed patient and perform the examination before he escapes and you have to charge him for another wasted office call.

Mr. Johnson has escaped 4 times in the past so you owe him 5 exams today. You have limited time to complete them all so make sure you are well lubricated and get busy!

Slide your finger around the office and see if you can find Mr. Johnson as soon as possible. If you are really ambitious you can use your thumb but I don't think that Mr. Johnson will appreciate that!

Good luck!

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