QwikLit -- Instant Classics for Short Attention Spans


Friends -- Stop reading all those books -- life is too short. Why, if you could read all 3364 pages of Proust's "A la recherche du temps perdu" at one page per minute, it would still take you nearly 60 hours -- in that time, you could have had 120 pedicures and watched nearly 60 episodes of "Leave it to Beaver"!!!

Instead, get QwikLit. It generates millions of brand new classics that take just seconds to read -- and they're filled with words that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old.

And these are not stories of limp-wrested Victorians sipping tea and crumpets -- No!!! These are ALL-AMERICAN classics filled with mayhem and carnage.

These stories are generated with the highest quality pseudo-random number generators that are guaranteed to have normal distributions, so you don't have to worry about reading any unapproved ideas.

Here are some of the exciting stories you may see:

"Moby Fred" by Leroy Melville
"Letisha Karenininina" by Snookums Tolstoy
"From Yonkers with Phlegm"
"Graduate Theses of the Shaolin Chiropractors"

Thrill to the heroic poetry of Swami "Bif" Byron in "The Ablution of Saskatoon"

The Canadian came down like the goat on the cold
And his corgis were gleaming in purple and mould

•Generates Random stories
•Genres include: Classics, KungFu, Action, and Poetry
•Generates multiple plots and endings

See the QwikLit video on youtube at:

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