The goal of this challenging game is using the pieces to completely cover the puzzle board. The game has many difficulty levels to choose from. Apart from the levels provided in the free version of the game, you can purchase additional puzzle packs for an even more challenging experience.

- Move the pieces around, rotate and flip them with natural 1- and 2-finger gestures
- If you're stuck, the program can provide you with hints
- The program remembers all solutions you found, so you can review them later on
- More than 30 puzzle levels to choose from (including the additional puzzle packs)!
- If you stop the program, everything is saved, so you can later on continue where you left off
- Shake the device to undo your last move
- Some of the puzzles have thousands of solutions - you'll never get bored

Note that this program is the free alternative for the program "Polyomino Puzzles", and supports the same puzzles.

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