It's finally here! PowerBlocks is a Tetris(R) clone. But not only does it deliver the classic game in an attractive, easy-to-control new game, but PowerBlocks has powered up the original game with special items that let you play for longer, while easing the frustration.

* Intuitive touch-screen interface lets you tap to rotate your pieces, flick downward to drop the piece, or slide you finger across the screen to position your piece.

* Uses accelerometer to make it even easier to send your piece plummeting. Just give your iPhone/iPod touch a downward thrust!

* New power-ups make the original game even more addicting:

BOMB: Fill the line containing the bomb and the line explodes along with every line above it!

SHOOTING STAR: Get one of these and a game piece plummets to the ground at a high velocity, destroying everything in its path! You built a high tower of pieces because you didn't know where to put them? No problem! You can control the fall of the diving piece.

SLOW: The stop icon (hand) instantly slows the pace of the game to the equivalent of Level 1 for a period of time. This can be very useful at higher levels when the speed becomes ridiculous.

GRAVITY: The arrow icon magically causes blocks to rain down, filling many of the gaps. This sought after power-up is the key to cleaning up a messy screen, plagued with voids.

* Automatically saves the game when you exit the application. Prompts to resume or abort upon restarting.

* Automatically pauses the game if you are interrupted by a phone call, you press the sleep button, etc.

* Costs only 99 cents right now!

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