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The game will surely attract you! Imagine that in the silent and holy night before Christmas Day, the demon became a reindeer and stole all the gifts that Santa Claus prepared for human beings, and also kidnaped him. As the forest hunters got this information, they began to rescue Santa Claus…… Look at the demon kidnaping Santa Claus and flying around the screen, and how exciting it will be to shoot it down to the ground! Note that the demon not only flys horizontally, but may also vertically.

Following are gameplay skills:
You must beat down the oncoming reindeer, or your scores will decrease if it bumps the screen.
For all the coming reindeer, there will be sounds to hint you.
Don't beat the Santa Claus, or you will lose scores.
Shoot present get more time.
Try your best to doublekill and even triplekill all at once, in which way you'll get extra bonus as encouragement.

Basic rules: the devil reindeer is pulling Santa's sleigh carriage with Santa in and flying horizontally, and the player should master the hunting gun to shoot the devil reindeer. If the player hits the reindeer, the Santa will be saved, and the player will get different scores according to different distances. If the player hits 2 or 3 reindeers all at once, he can get extra bonus. If the player inadvertently hits Santa, his scores will decrease. Moreover, if the player fails to prevent the reindeer bumping the screen, his scores will also decrease. Each game lasts for 90s, when time is up, the game will come to the end, and the app will calculate the whole scores of this game and also rank for the player.

I'm sure you'll be hooked by it! Come on! And check out how many reindeers you can shoot!

Santa Claus
Christmas Day game
Oncoming reindeer

If you hit the Santa or fail to prevent the reindeer bumping the screen, you scores will be deducted.

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