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Christmas day is coming. Santa Claus needs to prepare Christmas gifts.
Due to the impact of global warming, this year a large-scale avalanche attacked the North Pole Village. All gifts that Santa Claus had collected for a year have been buried under the thick snow. However, Christmas is coming soon, how should Santa do?
Santa Claus suddenly thinks of the golden miner. With his decade’s outstanding performance of mining, Santa Claus hopes that golden miner can help him dig out gifts buried under the snow, so the old miner is invited to come to the North Pole Village......
How to play:
1. Endless gifts are buried in the snow. Old miner need to dig them out.
2. The gift the old miner dug will be put into the Santa’s gift bag. When the bag is full, the mission is finished.
3. Notice: devil will show in the game, and he will steal gift from the bag. You need to call elf to help you prevent the devil.
4. In the game, penguins push their trolley to seize gifts; ferocious wild boars will destroy gifts. You need catch them before they touch the gifts.
1. Endless gifts; old friend—golden miner digging and digging until the gifts bag is full.
2. Christmas theme; warm and happy.
What’s new in the future:
Colorme will present wifi network version of Golden Miner, so you can co-play it with your friends through local area network.

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