Whether you’re sick of H1N1, or simply looking for a 2D shooter that will get you hooked from the start, H1N1 Buster is definitely a game to carry around for a quick virus destruction session, or laugh amongst friends.

Fight the infection aboard your missile-loaded syringe, while strategically using power-ups to repel threatening waves of incoming viruses that took the whole pandemia a little too personal.

Although H1N1 Buster will not cure actual diseases, it’s a definite antidote, perfect for a 5 to 10 minutes gaming session that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

Get ready to bust H1N1 Fever, and get your shot of fun now.


- Killer graphics

- Sick soundtrack

- Wicked Power-Ups

- Funny SFX

- Infectious fun

Make sure you wash your hands before and after playing this game ;)

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